Formed and certified with the DKM Methodology, our technical staff is integrated by expert trainers in the different football categories, including professionals.
DKM makes available to clubs around the world complete technical teams for the sports management of their teams, including scouting and / or the functions of a coach and his coaching staff, in training and competitions. The goal is to extract the full advantage of DKM technology, methodology and experience, inspired by the best practices of Fernando Daucik.


The fundamental basis of a sports project lies in the success in the preparation of the team of players.
Based on his experience, Daucik established a series of metrics and physical parameters to IDENTIFY FOOTBALL PLAYERS. The tests he performed on his players (or aspirants) were famous for their success rates. When the metric was not possible and the signing was to be based on the observation, Daucik also determined what characteristics, depending on the demarcation in the field and evaluable through the visualization of games and training, had to be taken into account to select a new player.
From these indicators and their adaptation to football of the 21st century, as well as the needs of each team, the DKM scouting team carries out an EXHAUSTIVE CONTROL of all potentially feasible markets for the club (including its own base football) , so that it controls in its database the potential candidates, properly parameterized and classified. Among the candidate’s information is an assessment of their virtual adaptability to a new team.
In short, signings and additions from the quarry are made according to a meticulous procedure, which minimizes the chances of leaving some factor at random.


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DKM believes that the success of technical leadership in a professional team lies to a large extent in the following five factors:
  1. Connection and synchrony between the technical staff and the staff
  2. Optimizing the availability and performance of the template
  3. Adequacy of the tactical approaches and their presentation in the training sessions.
  4. Constant individual improvement of each player.
  5. Winning mentality and group cohesion.
The DKM CONTROL PANEL (algorithmic model that meets and crosses the strategic parameters of the game identified by Fernando Daucik) is the cornerstone of the project, informing the technical body of the sports health of the team and directing him to where he should focus training .
The DKM Training Methodology optimizes the players’ individual abilities and the overall functioning of the team, preparing them to face and solve the problems of the team. different challenges that the game may pose.
Thanks to the training, as in the teams of Fernando Daucik, players prepared by DKM are self-sufficient and flexible on the pitch and are able to make decisions for themselves, adapting to complex and unforeseen environments, in order to overcome any difficulty.
Our commitment acquires a 360º dimension AROUND THE TEAM AND THE FOOTBALL PLAYER, taking care of all the details that bring the group and the individual to success: aspects such as nutrition, rest or the family and social life of the player complement the technical-tactical pillars , conditional and sports psychology to form a solid block, impermeable and able to achieve the most ambitious goals.

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