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Daucik Kubala Management (DKM) has adapted Fernando Daucik’s player training and selection method to the needs of modern football and has integrated it with cutting-edge technology to give rise to the DKM Methodology.

The parameters of the game – collective and individual, technical, physical and psychological – that Fernando Daucik considered in order to achieve success, constitute the basis of DKM’s ALGORITHMIC MODEL. This model allows an objective evaluation of the team’s performance on pitch and its physical and psychological condition.

His TRAINING METHODOLOGY – aimed primarily at optimizing the speed and effectiveness of player decision-making, as well as the uninterrupted and unlimited development of their individual capabilities – is the key to improving all indicators directly related to the game, including of course the team’s performance and ranking. In this respect, Fernando Daucik’s record is incomparable and his individual and position-specific training sessions were the cornerstone of his projects and sporting successes.

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In the collective sphere, the training sessions always included a high tactical component, with the main aim of ensuring that their players were able to individually solve the different situations and challenges posed during matches. As a result their teams always had a dynamic style of play in attack and defence that relied on the footballers anticipating every next move.

The DKM Methodology proposes holistic training, in which the PHYSICAL FACTOR is mainly exercised within tasks very close to the real game. From that point on, the specific needs of each player are analysed and trained in a specific way. The physical condition of Fernando Daucik’s teams was always enviable and the injury rates of his players was really low. The relationship between this factor and the titles and successes achieved by their teams is unquestionable.

Finally, the management of the group and the individual from a PSYCHOLOGICAL point of view constitutes one of the most charismatic aspects of the DKM Methodology. We use innovative methods to measure the atmosphere in the dressing room and also employ the techniques that Fernando Daucik used to train the mind of the group and the individual.

With the psychological optimization of the individual, the 360º concept circle is closed to the FOOTBALLER, which consists of training and taking care of all those parameters and conditioning factors that can make the difference between success and failure of the player, both on and off the pitch. Again, Fernando Daucik’s idea prevails, that optimal players give rise to excellent teams.

In short, DKM uses the legacy of the manager who has managed the 7th most amount of games in the Primera Division and has updated this to put it at the service of players, coaches and managers in the 21st century.

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