Fernando Daucik excelled in the discovery of young talents, as well as in their development and their promotion to professional football. The DKM proposal for the management of football pitches is based on the Daucik method and on the best practices of the current quarries of the elite clubs of Spanish football.
Our goal is to promote as many players as possible to professional football. For this reason, the footballers are the priority goal of the project and the teams of quarry, the means in which to form them. Never backwards.
Within the DKM differential seal, the fact is that the players formed with our methodology are UNIVERSAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS, able to adapt to the first team of the club in question, but also to any other team, regardless of their game conception. In this way, their promotion to professional football is more feasible.
The vertebral axis in the detection and training of the young player is the DKM CONTROL PANEL, a logarithmic model that includes different strategic variables of the game identified by Fernando Daucik, which indicate at all times to the sports managers of the academy what is the progress of the soccer player, in what direction is produced and what are their main training needs. Previously, these parameters, along with others perceived by observation, will have served the scouting area for DETECTING AND RECRUITING the most indicated potential talents.
The DKM Training Methodology equips the young player with technical-tactical tools of three types:
In the first place, those of UNCONSCIOUS RESOLUTION, which are those in which the player has no time to think and must decide and execute using an unconscious part of his psychomotor network. Think of electric plays, at high speed and in tight spaces.
Secondly, the SHORT TERM RESOLUTION. The player has a bit more time and space, so he shuffles the different alternatives and chooses the one he considers most appropriate. In the offensive phase the basic premises are: use the driving in case there are spaces and opt mainly for the pass if there are not.


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Both types of skills are specifically trained through complex rounds and tasks in confined spaces, where the main objective is to anticipate moments of perception and decision, in order to always go one step ahead of the play, in attack and defense.
Thirdly, DKM exercises in the player the ability to successfully solve the DECISION-MAKING STRATEGIC or medium-long term, which consists of perceiving and interpreting what is happening at a particular moment of a match, to suit their game in the most convenient way.
For example, depending on your physical state and that of your teammates, the area of ​​the field where the opponent concedes the spaces or the minute and result of the match. The tasks close to the actual game serve to train this ability.
In addition, DKM pays special attention to two aspects that Fernando Daucik always considered as a priority in his teams: INDIVIDUAL and SPECIFIC training, referring to the first one to strengthen the strengths and improve the weaknesses of the player, and the second to the learning needs , depending on the demarcation occupied in the field of play. It should be borne in mind in this last aspect that the DKM Methodology seeks to ensure that the player acquires the highest degree of versatility possible, although specialization is necessary to achieve excellence.
Individual and specific training is carried out in three different ways: through analytical exercises, with specific attention to the individual within the collective tasks and through video visualization.
The pedagogical choice of this proposal is the GUIDED DISCOVERY, in which the coach does not facilitate the solutions to the player, but it guides him so that the footballer himself discovers them, thus strengthening the learning.
PORTEROS, a world apart, receive a special attention, with a specific methodology that gives as much importance to the development of the preventive skills (to avoid that the rival finishes the plays) as to the reactive ones (the traditional defensive action of the goalkeeper). In the same way, the game is trained with the feet.
The soccer training is the main pillar of the DKM project and the one that will forge in the player a differential seal. However, a footballer is much more. We will need to take care of him with a 360 ° FOCUS. This means worrying about him in all the aspects that can enhance or hinder his sports career, such as.

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